Geiger Counter Shield + Tubes Arrived!

I’m pretty excited about the next sensor for my home monitoring system. I ordered the Libelium Gieger shield from Spain. It arrived about 6 days later. The shield comes without a Gieger tube, although you can order a ridiculously expensive one from the same company.

Gieger shield

Ebay has the best options for ordering tubes. I ordered two different Russian made tubes the SBM-20 and the SBT-9. They each cost about $10 and arrived within a week. They are advertised as Russian military surplus. The first package arrived labelled “Used Audio Tubes”!


Geiger Tube



Maybe next week I’ll have time to play with these. I plan to install it in my basement for a month or two to monitor Uranium to Radon decay, then I’ll move it outside to measure the local background radiation.

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