The Quest

TheQuestThe fight for energy that we see going on now has been going on for centuries. And this book is an amazing summary of the key historical events.

From the first oil wells, the to Russian natural gas pipeline fights, to shale gas, and tight oil this book covers the fight for fortunes that have been ongoing since the industrial revolution.

Daniel Yergin argues energy and oil have always been running out and always been rediscovered. Technological change from the ability to liquify natural gas, to the ability to drill offshore has saved the day each time we thought a resource was scarce.

A sad point from this book is the fact that the world probably has more oil than we could ever use. If we got even close to using half the worlds known hydrocarbons, we would surly end up in massive trouble with Mother Nature. This basically means that some resources are going to need to be left buried – which ones will remain so depends on technology, economics and political will.

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